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When searching for your dream house inSaranda, you will have a very clear idea of what the house will look like, where it should be located and what you can afford to spend. If you still have not found your ideal property on our website, you can tell us about your ideas for an ideal house and we will make every effort to find the right property for you, which is best suited to your needs and wishes. Saranda Real Estate offers mainly properties in the Saranda city due to the high growth potential and architectural uniqueness of the region. We have very close contacts to property developers in the region, who entrust us with the sale of completed properties. They can also tailor properties under construction to your individual requirements or build the properties exactly to your specifications.

We are real estate consulting team. Our main objective is to help you to find the property of your dreams quickly and efficiently. We have inspected all the houses and apartments on offer as well as their surroundings in person and in detail. Because of the high demand and the promising resale value, we have put special focus on properties on theSaranda. Our properties have been selected for you based on the attractiveness of the location and their respective construction quality. Our team will provide you with local help and support with respect to notary services as well as the financial aspects of the property purchase. Using our experience, we will provide you with guidance and advice throughout the entire process - from the initial inquiry to the purchase ... and even afterwards.
To make the buying process as easy as possible, we organize visits to the properties of your choice in Saranda. Of course, we will help you with your travel arrangements and look after from the moment you arrive inSaranda.
Once you find your dream property, we will assist you with expert advice on the contractual process. It is not unusual for our customers to fly home with the keys to the newly purchased property.
If you already have a very good idea about the size, furnishings and location of your dream-house, it is best to call us directly, so that we can make you a concrete offer.
We hope you enjoy browsing through our comprehensive range of properties.
Range of services
The Saranda Real Estate is happy to provide you with a comprehensive range of services aiming to facilitate you not only in choosing the property of your dreams, but also during and even after the acquisition.
Offerings of Real Estate Direct in Albania regarding buyers include:
.Easy and enjoyable option property from a wide range of properties.
.Full legal control of all property.
.Accurate and reliable property valuation.
.Continuous monitoring of the purchase process.
Property insurance. In collaboration with the largest insurance companies offer full insurance of your property with the most ideal conditions and lower premiums.
Renovation property. The Real Estate Saranda has highly experienced engineers, architects and technicians who provide you with innovative methods in terms of the renovation of the property you choose to buy, whether it is your home or your business.
Property management. To ensure our customers a satisfactory income we rent the property for as long as it is not used by you .
Furniture - Furniture, household equipment. Seeking to better and fuller your convenience we have made cooperation with designer furniture manufacturing plants and general household equipment offering to you in unbeatable low prices.
Decoration. The interior of our real estate office combining both the experience and the continuous monitoring of new trends will decorate your space according to your own needs and aspirations. Presenting you a variety of decorating options we are sure you will come to a better result and your space will be ideal, functional and represents your personality.
Accommodation. In case you wish to visit any of our properties away from the city where you live we can take care of booking a hotel room and car rental if needed.


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