We are a team of real estate consultants. Our primary objective is to help you find the property of your dreams quickly and efficiently. We have inspected all the houses and apartments on offer, as well as their circumstances in detail. Due to high demand and promising resale values, we have put special focus on Saranda properties. Our properties are chosen for you based on the attractiveness of the site and their respective construction quality. Our team will provide you with local assistance and support regarding notary services as well as financial aspects of property acquisition. Using our experience, we will provide you with guidance and advice throughout the process - from the initial purchase inquiry ... even later. To make the purchase process as easy as possible, we will arrange visits to the properties of your choice in Saranda

Once you find your property, we will assist you with expert advice in the contractual process. It is not uncommon for our clients to fly home with newly purchased property keys. If you already have a great idea about the size, furniture and location of your home, what is best for you to call us directly so that we can make a concrete offer.
Property insurance.
In collaboration with the largest insurance companies offer comprehensive insurance of your property with the most ideal conditions and low premiums.
Saranda Real has experienced engineers, architects and technicians to provide you with new methods regarding renovating the property you choose to buy, whether it is your home or your business.
Property Management.
To provide our clients with a satisfactory income, rent the property as long as you do not want to use it.
Furniture - Furniture, home appliances.
Seeking the best and most complete comfort for you we have partnered with furniture and home appliances with offers for you at the lowest market prices.
Our real estate office combining both experience and constant monitoring of new trends will decorate your space to suit your needs and aspirations. By presenting you a variety of decorating options we are confident that you will have the best result and your space will be ideal, functional and reflect your personality.
In case you would like to visit one of our properties away from the city where you live we can arrange a hotel room and car rental if needed.

Words from our CEO

I would be glad to meet you in our office in Saranda! Constantly growing demands for real estate in Saranda, and he knows better than to Saranda because is born and raised in Saranda, the administrator of Saranda Real Estate.

CEO Romeo Dhima